There are good news to be announced for the 1st quarter of 2020:

  • The paper “An Efficient Normalisation Procedure for Linear Temporal Logic and Very Weak Alternating Automata” by Salomon Sickert and Javier Esparza was accepted at LICS’20.
  • The paper “Checking Qualitative Liveness Properties of Replicated Systems with Stochastic Scheduling” by Michael Blondin, Javier Esparza, Martin Helfrich, Antonín Kučera and Philipp J. Meyer was accepted at CAV’20.
  • The paper “Succinct Population Protocols for Presburger Arithmetic” by Michael Blondin, Javier Esparza, Blaise Genest, Martin Helfrich and Stefan Jaax was accepted at STACS’20.
  • The paper “Complexity of controlled bad sequences over finite sets of vectors of natural numbers” by A.R. Balasubramanian was accepted at LICS’20.